Great Resources Are Out There!

People I know who work in the corporate world describe lots of competition, secrecy, and the fear of not measuring up to their colleagues.  Maybe this is why I was always turned off by that world and drawn to education, where poeple work in a much more collaborative environment.  Teachers are people who are excited to share ideas, resources, and guidance.  That’s why I love The Cornerstone.  Blogger Angela Watson not only shares tons of her own ideas, but makes it possible for other teachers to post and share ideas.  Right now she has a Linky Party going on, where you can check out lots of freebies and add your own.  It’s one more reason it’s great to teach.


Welcome to the site that will help you with strategies to make the Common Core standards accessible to all students.

Welcome to the blog that can offer you ideas, resources, and advice about differentiating literacy instruction for middle school students.  I’m Annie, a middle level language arts teacher with 11 years of experience teaching literacy to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  We all know middle school kids come to us with huge variations in their literacy skills.  Some students in your classroom will be reading like high schoolers, others will still be working at the primary level.  And then their are all the other kids in between.  How do you help them all work toward the Common Core standards while challenging and engaging them?  This site will offer you ideas and resources for all levels and strategies for implementing them effectively.